Untold Stories 2022

It was an honor to attend Untold Stories 2022 with The Lenny Zakim Fund! Sharing stories with one another is one of the best ways to destigmatize issues and promote empathy within our communities and beyond.

Parent Engagement Webinar

We hosted an event to promote parent engagement and advocacy strategies during the back-to-school season! Attendees learned how to talk to teachers and school management and what to do to be ready before school starts. This was a fun, educational event that we hope to continue conducting!

Community Conversation on Stress

We hosted an event where community members were invited to discuss stress. This encouraged an open, honest discussion on sources of stress that our members faced and how we can best address them. Attendees shared how holistic methods, spirituality, and discussing mental health openly have been coping mechanisms in their day-to-day lives.